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With restifem VIOMED offers a competent treatment option for prevention and/or treatment of stress incontinence and descensus-related problems. On the following pages we offer you detailed information about the product.

VIOMED has stood for quality and competence for 25 years. In this regard we are always available for you as your contact person.

Let us help you
With us, the woman with her urogynaecological worries and complaints is the focus of attention. We are a provider and manufacturer of products for the treatment of female health problems such as stress urinary incontinence and descensus-related problems.

With our range of services and our medical solutions we would like to help you regain and increase your quality of life, your mobility and your zest for life.

Providing information, clearly explaining and breaking the taboo is indispensable, especially with such sensitive issues as stress incontinence or descensus-related problems. We therefore attach great importance to comprehensibility and clarity in all aspects of the topic of the pelvic floor and have made it our task to offer you straightforward information and to give you the opportunity to decide for yourself which information is useful for you.

We can only try to help you by the quality of the information and by the additional offer of questionnaires and animations. If you still have questions that remain unanswered, please feel free to contact us at any time via the contact section. And please remember that the information on these pages can in no way replace a visit to a doctor, but only serve to improve understanding.

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restifem - Zurück zur Balance
Restifem is a pessary for relief and stabilization of the pelvic floor, especially after birth. Find out more about the effectiveness of restifem in cases of urinary incontinence and prolapse.
If you lose urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing or during physical exertion, you should actively strengthen your pelvic floor. Read how you can actively take control yourself.
Active against
descensus-related problems
restifem - Aktiv gegen Senkungszustände
45-75% of women suffer from descensus-related problems during their lifetime. However, these can be treated non-surgically. Get active today and find out what you can do!
The strong
restifem - Die starke Mitte
The pelvic floor plays a central role in our body. It is the unknown muscle, which is the basis for strength, energy and wellbeing. Read how a strong centre can have a positive influence on your life.